Ric Drasin: Liver Pills for Max Gains!


MILANO411 presents some OLD SCHOOL knowledge for NEW AGE or should we say, COMPUTER AGE muscle gains. Ric Drasin is your professor and he drops The 411 on how they work and why you should buy them. Before there was protein, there were liver pills that all the champions took. Larry Scott,Don Howarth,Vince Gironda and more. They were very effective but have been forgotten over time. Now they are back. Watch this and learn. Ok MEN, enjoy your weekend. Gym, finances, the woman (wife or GF), the man (for those who play on the other side of the gym), supermarket, finances, food prep, pet love, time with children for those who are BLESSED to have them. LIVER Pills, also keep you fertile and ready for action. Increases mobility of your BABY SAUCE!



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