Reimagining Masculinity: Landon Wilcox


MILANO411 offers this video as an offering of healing that the USA definitely needs. Healing, starts with understanding. Sometimes as a society, when we look at a difficult issue we can’t see thru it to a solution. Instead we hate, send mean memes not appropriate for children and just plain rude behavior. The world we live in has forever changed by smartphones and social media. Fueled by the machinations (big word) and Machiavellian mischief of the Russian state sponsored computer trolls and white supremacists, who spread needless Flat Earth theories.

Regardless of where you fall in the Kavanaugh situation for the Supreme Court spot that is currently happening; understanding is needed. It also seems there is a cruel dictatorship of women perpetrating hate towards other women. Don’t have time to go into all that now and we’re on our second glass of wine dealing with the post-2016 presidential election world we live in. Messy doesn’t even describe where both the USA and Europe. One where people just can’t try on the designer shoes of people who have anguish. Did it happen to Dr. Ford? We don’t know. If we had the tape or pics; this magazine’s  readership would seriously jump. So this magazine and site doesn’t have the answer. But the solution to healing will come from all of us. If you subscribe to the MILANO411 mantra or Positive Thinking, you will be part of that.

So we present another disturbing and EVIL experience in our world. Perfect for Halloween, and we don’t mean to be sarcastic. Not to turn-on, or make fun of or cheap laughs. But in the spirit, that knowledge is power. Sexual assault on men by men is going UP. This is nothing to be CELEBRATED or laughed at. The shocking thing is it isn’t about being GAY. Stats from all the universities and think tanks show an uptick over the last three years. So something is going on beyond who sits in the Oval Office. Rape ain’t funny! Male, female, human…it’s not funny. But we digress. This sad trend is being done by men who don’t identify as gay. So we’re starting to live in a prison world. Sad! Where men who do this to their brother, with no shame.

And for homophobes, Landon was raped by BROs. Men who made fun of gay people and others. So this, like all the social scientists have said; is about violence and humiliation; not sex or even sexual orientation inter-conflict (STR8 vs. Gay). Not to be picking on STR8 Men, the same problem is happening in the GAY WORLD too, by other gay men (Gay-on-Gay Crime). That is another story for another day too. But know this, both sexualities are bringing the violence, drugs, and group rape to the table of life; with little regard for their victims dignity. Which is obvious by their beast-like motives and actions, that are worse than any Hollywood horror film.

The point we’re making is MEN are going to have to use Masculinity to uplift and help each other. Big Arms should always come with BIG AMOUNTS of COURAGE to go with it. Men who embody the legacy of the Good Guy. The guy that stops it. The guy that says something about it or reports it. Even if it’s his BRO. Because the person being assaulted could be your sister, mother, daughter, aunt, co-worker, cousin, friend, wife’s friend, best friend’s wife, niece and now due to the FASCIST bullshit being spun as normality, it may even be YOU.

Listen to what Landon has to say. We’re working on getting a detailed interview exclusively for our magazine. The points he makes are interesting and telling of our world today. Also for the LEARNING, if you should be a victim of MALE RAPE (and you’re a man); YOU MUST DO THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Don’t shower or change your clothes.
  2. Call a friend, but if you need an ambulance or a COP, do that first.
  3. In America, tell the 911 dispatcher that you were raped and you need to have Rape Kit done. They do them for men. Hospitals in population zones and other areas should have them. If you live, excuse us, in “bumble-fuck,” the cops may have to administer the kit. Smaller country hospitals may not have them.
  4. The friend…is so important. Because if you live in a place that is rural and the people who do the kit are somewhat backwards and making jokes. You’ll need that friend to get you through.
  5. Depending on your condition write down all the descriptors of the assailants as fast as you can. Don’t embellish, just the facts. Even little things like smells. No, you can’t arrest every man that has a designer fragrance in a 20 mile radius. However, if that man has scratch marks on the side of his face with your genetic material on him and his flesh under your nails; then you got them.
  6. Ask hospital for HIV test and STD screen. It won’t pick up anything that day, however you will have to go back for routine scans every three months to catch. It should be caught early if you should have it, to start treatment. But ask a doctor.
  7. Call your local area or ask the hospital to follow-up with info. on groups and counseling.

That’s all we have. But for those who can out maneuver their assailant in a MALE/MALE rape; do the following:

  1. It’s best to run, if you can outrun them. But that is relative and may be an unknown. If you should be able to hurt them it’s better to run then fight or kick ass. Save that for the terrorists on the plane or a bank robber. Why? They could get the better of you and you missed your chance to run and escape. They could have friends or plan to take you to another place where there are friends. Then you are fucked!
  2. Keys make wonderful weapons. Also, if you should be near your vehicle when it happens, hit the alarm button on most modern keypads on keychains to cars.
  3. Yell RAPE.
  4. Bite them. There is a blood contagion risk, but that act gets them off you. And then you can fight back or run.
  5. Kick the BALLS. You’re a man, you know that takes them down. Also, go for the EYES.  Blood can be an issue here, but if you’re smart you’ll avoid. Remember all the zombie movies; try not to let his eye blood fall in your mouth or eyes or cuts. But again, there are so many variables to an assault. Getting away should be first priority. A smack across the throat or grabbing a nearby branch or object is a good weapon.
  6. Punching works, but again, if you are 5’6 and attacked by a 6’7 man, that may not be the option. But back to number 5 on our list, one punch to balls does it. Gives you time to run or fight.
  7. If you escape, get to safety first. Then call The Man (police). Tell them what you know and where you’re at.
  8. If you’ve been drugged and you come out of it. Leave as soon as you can and get to safety. If you get in a large crowd of people, then call police first. You can have them meet you or drive to station if you’re not hurt nor been assaulted. If one of the two, then the hospital. You need the kit done and for them to look at you.
  9. Using the keys to cut his throat if he’s on top of you, is the way to go too.
  10. Gunslinger: You have it in the truck. Of course, use it. Problem though. If he isn’t alone and you’re standing there giving a speech, you could be hit behind the head. We personally recommend that you dispense with a, “You’re going to die motherfucker!” speech and just shoot. But if you’ve been assaulted and you’re emotional and it happened at a party, like Landon. Word of warning, you do risk shooting someone who you thought was the person, a stray bullet that hits an innocent, or worst yet; someone calls the cops on you and you get shot. Or worst yet, another proud gun carrier with a permit can think you are just crazy and not know the back story, of why you charged into a room with a gun. But we are not against the gun in this scenario.

It’s a crazy world GUYS. Don’t make fun of BROs that tell you that this happened to them. Be kind and be there for them. Male rape is real and happens to all men (STR8 or Gay) outside of prison and is on the rise. Intake of alcohol and the ease of purchasing “date rape” drugs has made this a nasty, yet growing trend. If you hear a tale of rape, encourage the guy to report it to the police. There could be a mad man on the loose in your area, that needs to be stopped!

Ciao from Milano on sad planet called Earth; but with a lot of great potential regardless of the EVIL. People make the world a better place.


This article is SERIOUS and we feel our list of tips for an assault if you’re a man, are worthy and we researched them for both Italy and the USA. But with special emphasis on the USA. Rape needs to stop! Now! Thanks for reading and pass it along. We put this in this section, because we want MEN to know that it can be you and what to do. We pray it isn’t you too. Please pass this article onto someone who needs to know about this.


As a survivor of sexual assault, Landon came to view his life as one broken into many pieces. He offers a unique perspective on how we can move forward as a society in dealing with not just male survivors but all victims of sexual assault.

Landon shares his story and explains the factors that prevented him from seeking help from anyone for months after the assault. Landon has had to learn how to view himself as a man, while rebuilding his own identity and masculinity. He details how breaking down his own identity from the ground up and finding his own version of manhood after a life changing experience has shaped who he is today.

Landon has been actively involved in sexual assault prevention advocacy. Recently he has been working with the Sexual Assault Center Kingston and two thesis film students on a new project to bring greater awareness to services for victims and survivors. In addition, he acts as a Peer Facilitator for the Queen’s Bystander Intervention Program, which works to educate students and university employees on preventing and intervening in situations of sexual assault and violence. Landon Wilcock is a fourth year student in Political Studies at Queen’s University. This past summer, he began his ongoing work at the Centre for International and Defence Policy (CIDP), and has previously worked in the Wealth Management and Energy industries.

Landon has been actively involved in numerous student associations at Queen’s University. He currently acts as the Chief Financial Officer for the not-for- profit organization Queen’s International Affairs Association, as well as serving as a Peer Facilitator for the Bystander Intervention Program, which works to educate students and university employees on preventing and intervening in situations of sexual assault and violence.

In his free time, Landon enjoys writing, having contributed articles to both the Queen’s Observer and the Queen’s Journal. In his most recent article in the Journal, Landon detailed his own experience of sexual assault and post-trauma growth as a male survivor. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at



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