REDCON 1: The Zombie Action Movie!

51 is very proud to present the new zombie flick, REDCON. This is a film that has to be experienced! We got an invite to the premiere and were blown away. A flick not for the Under-18 set, so hire a babysitter. But if you’re looking for a good film to make you think, laugh a little, and be scared shitless; this is the film for you. It’s in limited release in the USA and Europe now. Of course, if zombies scare you; catch it on DVD and the normal streams.

Will the future be full of Zombies? We hope not, they make such a mess on clothes and décor in one’s loft or condo. You can hear your GF or wife now, “Honey, you’ve turned into a zombie and now the $800 or 800 Euro rug is messed up.” OR from a man’s view. He goes to the bedroom and his woman says she has cramps. He hears noises from the bathroom. “Damn, I should check on her.” Then he realizes she’s changed into one of those things! I guess I’m not getting He@D tonight! Ciao from NYC and MILANO…


NEED AN ANTIDOTE TO THE ZOMBIE MESS. WE suggest get some guns, boards from Home Depot, find a safe space with food and a radio; and of course wear Guess. It’s perfect for any occasion….CIAO!

Checkout Mark Scott, Mr. MILANO411 sporting a cool Guess T-shirt with a vintage Diva-Hot Chick Pic. Perfect for the club, after workout, etc. Shows off the work put into the GYM too. Guess can be purchased off their site or places like MACY’S. Sites:


REDCON 1: The Zombie Action Movie! | MILANO411

REDCON 1: The Zombie Action Movie! | MILANO411


“Yo whatsup! This is Tasha. I live in GA. I’m an ATL woman. I work as a security guard at an office building. I’m a big, and sexy BLACK WOMAN. I’m not, young. But let’s say I’m in the MILF category! Old and Bold, Baby!!! But I wanted to drop an e-mail to y’all. Love this site. And you guys are fun. My favorite sections are Diva, 4LADIES, and of course the Fashion section. I love Italian fashion designers. Ms. Donatella rocks it! And I love her fragrances. A big Versace fan here. So keep up the good work. It was a pleasure doing this survey for the people in New York. Ryan on FB was nice too. Keep up the good work. More hot men. And I need to do two shout-outs. More Michael Lowe! I have thing for WHITE MEN with red hair. Ginger and Chocolate is a good mix. Also, Mark Scott is very sexy! I’m talking about give me a jar of honey, some lingerie, and I will seriously BREAK HIS BACK! (LOL). OK…GOT TO GO. My supervisor is walking back. Love this site. Me: Big Black Woman with beautiful curves and armed! I just need help loosing this weight. Live in ATL and love Italian stuff.”




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