Ralph & Russo: Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019

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High Fashion is in the house and Ralph & Russo are serving it hot! The future of what we call H&C will be these guys. The show was to die for and they also do some killer gowns (not clowns!) for prom wear and bridal. We talking the woman looks so sexy on the wedding day, she may marry herself. Not for the faint at heart in the price dept., but the best things are worth working hard for in our world. Ciao from Milano!

(Their fashion show reminded us of Stargate: SG-1! Yeah Baby! Happy Summer of Sci-Fi from MILANO411.COM)….


The David (4LADIES): Jacopo Batisti from Italy!

Michael Lowe: Happy 4th of July!!! (w/Polo)




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