PUTIN’S BOYFRIEND: Impeached Again & America Held Hostage



PUTIN'S BOYFRIEND: Impeached Again & America Held Hostage | MILANO411

SET HER PEOPLE FREE! Go to Russia and live with Putin. That’s how this is going to end. NO, you and the racists hamsters aren’t going to kill everyone and put TRUMP orange turd stain flags all over Washington D.C. What the world saw and we witnessed as a lifestyle, fashion blog/magazine that sometimes has something to say; made us want to vomit. Hold our designer handbag and hair back, while we blow chunks over your fascist coup attempt. 

Yes, you’re trying to follow in the footsteps of your mentor HITLER. But he was a looser and a piece of trash. America fought him and the Confederates twice and won (Thanks MLK and all those who marched for Civil Rights).

PUTIN'S BOYFRIEND: Impeached Again & America Held Hostage | MILANO411

In the few days we have remaining, what will happen from this horrid president? We don’t know. But our guess, is he and his ridiculous followers may try one last thing. For our readers, do the following:

  1. Stock Your House: Have food and water. Batteries and candles too.
  2. Make Lists: Have contact information of friends and family to call to check in on them. If another coup happens, seniors and others will suffer.
  3. Don’t Be Pushed Around: Don’t let his followers push you around. Tell them the election is over and they have no authority over you.
  4. Defend Yourself: Don’t start trouble, but if some of his followers come to your home; be prepared to offer more than tough words. The same goes for workplaces and the gym. Always seek out someone in authority and offer these words. “I come here in peace and want to be left alone. No, I didn’t vote for your coup leader and his Russian boyfriend sponsor. Ciao..”
  5. Weapons: Arm yourself but don’t use, unless they come to your house or threaten to take away freedoms. Or, if they want to harass your wonderful neighbors for whatever demographic du jour grievance their small, authoritarian racist minds have. 

Prayers and this should be over soon. We’ll have more political thoughts on this mess coming soon. Ciao from MILANO411.com.

PUTIN'S BOYFRIEND: Impeached Again & America Held Hostage | MILANO411



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