Prince’s B-Day Today: U Got The Look! (w/Sheena Easton)


“I never saw a Pretty Girl Look so Tough.” With lyrics like this, where else can you go? There will never be another Prince. Never again. Sad report on the times we live in. Sign of the Times, he would say.

Your lesson today: Harness your creative juices. Push boundaries and come up with something new and worthy young people. And to the old, DREAMS NEVER DIE. People are living longer. Well some people. So come up with something so our fashion magazine from both Milan and NYC can have something to report! (smile)

Well, today is the Purple One’s B-Day. Prince would of had a white cake with purple and paisley frosting if he had lived today. We’ll be paying more homage to Prince this summer. Stay tuned and thanks to all the fan letters we got for The David Issue.

Ciao from Milano….

Prince's B-Day Today: U Got The Look! (w/Sheena Easton) | MILANO411

A Tribute to Prince






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