POLITICO: Jamal Khashoggi Mystery!


We have a scary tale for you children. A US resident citizen walks into his former country’s embassy to get fictional paperwork so he could marry his fiancé. Man is journalist critical of royal family. Man enters to get paperwork, because he is in love. He never comes out in one piece. True or False…we’re not grading on a curve! The answer is TRUE. Sad but true! In the Age of Trump, the journalist trying to be a whistleblower are now a new endangered species for the 21st century.

What did they do with the body? They didn’t flush it, because the Turkish went that route. For the Muscle Guys who read our Muscle Column, BROs please consider this:

  1. Who told him that he needed that piece of paper? Wasn’t his government.
  2. Why are 15 men needed to take out one middle aged and seasonally plump man? That’s right, 15 dudes against 1. What a fair fight!
  3. What and when did the Trump Admin. know what was going on?
  4. Do they care? ANSWER: We think NO!
  5. Sad Overture for our October Symphony (thanks Pet Shop Boys)…A man did this for love but met his executioners. Sad…HIS  poor fiancé. She must be on sedatives by now. Our prayers go out to the woman.
  6. Well, 3 Sixes is the Mark of The Beast. So we’re not going to tell you what to believe. But we believe EVIL won this one.
  7. We’ll see what the FUTURE brings….Ciao from Milano.


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