POLITICO: Can Russia Invade Europe?


MILANO411.com is no fan of dictators, pimps, and fake ass friends.  So, insert President Putin and his odd relationship with Trump. WTF is what we say in both of our offices. Putin has played games in Italy too and the Italian Communist party doesn’t help, but they are scared of him too. This subject isn’t a joke nor something that a pro-Trump person should take lightly. Russian and American interests are and historically have been diametrically opposed. In the spirit of our POLITICO column, our goal is to educate vs. sending memes all day. Our political writers are no fans of Trump, however, some us are Republicans too. To the “shock and awe,” of our readers; we find ourselves in shock with President Trump’s naïve love-sick relationship with Trump. Our countries aren’t “BOYS” to use Hip-Hop vernacular. We’re probably like Frenemies, but MILANO411 thinks this is going to change.

So watch this and SHARE. Learn and think about this when Trump is criticized about this. Also, think about the people of the Baltics. In our travels, they ask us; “Does America care for them?” Our answer is YES, but after seeing this video, we’re not 100% sure. We believe TRUMP is beholden to PUTIN, and it ain’t an apartment. This part of the post is pure speculation, but we think Putin has some blackmail material on our president and he pulls his strings. Maybe they even stole Trump’s MOJO and control him that way. Either case, everything Trump does on the international scene divides NATO and makes Russia and Putin stronger. This isn’t fake news, it’s fact. When it comes to TRUMP, always ask yourself who gains from the move, Russia or the USA?


If Russia was to invade Europe, how would it do it and could it do it at all?

In 2017, Russia conducted a series of military exercises known as Zapad, or “exercise West”. With their roots in the Soviet Union, Zapad military exercises have traditionally been shows of force, meant to let NATO know that Russia was willing and ready to fight. Despite assurances that Russia’s 2017 Zapad exercises were nothing more than preparations for counter-terror operations, an exercise that was supposed to feature only 10,000 personnel turned into a 100,000 strong mock-invasion of eastern Europe with one clear message: Russia’s military might is back. Today, we look into a very scary scenario, in this episode of The Infographics Show, Can Russia really invade Europe?

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia’s military severely atrophied, and despite remaining a sizable force its readiness and capabilities were all but defunct. . After such an embarrassing performance, Vladimir Putin vowed to improve the readiness and capabilities of the Russian military, culminating in a ten-year modernization push that has yielded huge results. While still mostly a conscript army, Russia’s military is seeing a huge expansion in the size of its volunteer forces- an important development given the drastically better performance and morale of an all-volunteer military force such as the US’ versus a conscripted force. New battle tanks and fighter aircraft have also dramatically improved its capabilities both on the air and on the ground, and while its fleets remain a glaring weakness, they would ultimately have limited use in a European battle. Russia has also dramatically improved its logistical capabilities, something that it has historically struggled with even under the former Soviet Union. Heavy road transport units for ferrying armor to the front lines via road networks has reduced Russia’s reliance on rail transport to get its tanks to the front lines, with rail lines being a natural first target for NATO bombardment. Russia has also doubled down on the one area it has traditionally outperformed NATO in, ground-based anti-air platforms. The introduction of the S-400 and the future deployment of the S-500 anti-air defense system has given NATO planners serious concerns, and with a range of up to 250 miles (400 kilometers), a single battery of S-400 units can threaten large swathes of a European battlefield. Russia has also invested heavily into modernizing its non-strategic nuclear forces, outpacing even the US in this arena.


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