Pietro Boselli – Model & Professor!


Pietro Boselli drops the 411 on what it’s like to be a complete Renaissance Man for the 21st century. Both a bodybuilder and model, and also an engineer; Pietro blends the mind and the body into a mix that the world is in desperate need for at this time. A style that is completely civilized and should never go out of style. He gives a great TEDx talk on metaphysics and his ethics towards academics and his world view.

This is the best 13:20 minutes of the day and you should definitely take some time to listen to what he has to say in this wonderful lecture. This 27 y/o is our hero and is Very Milano! He defies what you can be and is a great role model for men and women. Pietro was originally scouted by Armani Junior, which then led into modeling for other brands as he aged; like fine Italian wine. But being a Man of Letters, Pietro then went to school and filled his brain with mind protein and became a total package.

Very fashionable and very Milano….


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