Pet Shop Boys: Leaving (Jaime Dias Lenzarini Mix)


MILANO411 is saluting artists and art forms that celebrate the visions of sci-fi, all this summer. The Summer of Sci-Fi is month 2 and the fan mail is out of this world. We’re tracking over 4000 e-mails from readers and fans. Thanks guys. We give you what we call Utopia. But is Utopia always about life and a squeaky clean futurism of the genre known as science fiction. Can a designer future still be oppressive? We don’t have all the answers, but the clip for one of our favorite film adaptations; Aeon Flux says it all and so does this mix by the Pet Shop Boys. They will have a museum in the future. That’s our guarantee. Ciao from Milano…(If you haven’t rented Aeon Flux, run; don’t walk. This flick is a work of art with romance and action sci-fi and female superhero. Diva Power for sure!)