Paul Lekakis: Boom Boom (Let’s go back to my room!)


Paul Lekakis: Boom Boom (Let's go back to my room!) | MILANO411

MILANO411 fans and readers, we give you the warmest HELLO or Ciao from MILANO. The City of Style….

For your weekend Booty Shaking, we give you an oldie but a  goodie, from Mr. Paul Lekakis. This is to close-out our David Issue. The David Issue is the celebration of Men and we hope that you enjoyed it as much as our staff here in Milan and NYC did. We got over 5000 pieces of fan mail and we’re still playing catchup. Everyone will get an answer.

But this mix is silly, yet fun and shows what a SEXY MAN with some good vocals can do. We were actually tempted to put this in Muscle column. But Music column it went.  This is a perfect wedding song or club hit or just something to play while you clean or workout. But we hope, like all things in our David Issue, this inspires you.

If you are a muscle guy and got some pipes, why are you not trying to become a singer. Or a rapper. But definitely know that if you want to be MILANO411, you have to have some talent. WE’RE REALLY SICK OF SEEING NORMAL BE PASSED OFF AS HAVING TALENT. Let’s bring back Old School Talent. Like the sculptor Michelangelo. The David ain’t AVERAGE.

Ok…enjoy the weekend. A DAVID photo-essay is below. MILANO411 salutes their hard work in the gym and in life….

D is For David



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