Patti LaBelle: It’s Alright With Me (Joey Negro Extended Disco Remix)


AFRO-CULTURE MONTH! – Come celebrate the sophisticated and fabulous charms of the lovely Patti LaBelle. Also, known to those in the know in the Afro-American community as “Mother” or “Mama Philly.” We salute her musical talents and accomplishments and also being known as one of the people who discovered and nurtured a young Reg from the UK, who would go on to become the legendary Elton John. 

Sit back and enjoy her mixed by DJ superstar, Joey Negro. Joey drops his beats hard. This mix is perfect for morning coffee or espresso, cardio, house cleaning, projects, or running. Enjoy….

Ciao from

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: AFRO-CULTURE MONTH is our annual version or celebration of Black History Month, but with our distinctive Milanesi love for Afro-Peoples. We’re covering the accomplishments and style of the Black Community globally. Not just the USA. Italy too. More Patti LaBelle coming. The celebration runs from 02.01.2021 to 03.01.2021. 


How Patti LaBelle met Elton John??? –

She cooked, housed, and gave lovin’ advice to Elton John while in London. We love MOTHER. Ciao..(be blessed).






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