Patti Labelle: Isn’t It A Shame



If we had to pick a song to put on an Afro-Culture Month soundtrack about the state of race relations in the USA and Europe, it would be this one. This song also applies to things or issues in the world at large. Well, we’re not one to judge; just report and tell you the information to hopefully make your lives more enjoyable. 

In that light, we offer the lovely PATTI LABELLE. A lady we love and respect a lot. For those new to Soul Music or even understanding race relations, Patti LaBelle is “mother” or Moma Philly.” She speaks for the Afro-American experience and that of black people in the USA. Again, for the slow, PATTI LABELLE IS THE VOICE OF THE BLACK EXPERIENCE. 

Ok, many blessings. Ciao from


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