MILANO411.com presents OVERLORD, as both entertainment but also a warning on the horrors of the Nazi regime and it’s misuse of science and of course terror against a lot of innocent people and communities. This flick is disturbing, but produced well with great action, acting, believable story, and so much more. It isn’t a historical movie, yet it seems like a plausible story. We encourage our readers to read up on the horrors of fascism as presented by Nazi, Germany.  Their crimes are nothing to be laughed at or emulated. Ciao from Milano…


On the eve of D-Day, a group of American paratroopers is dropped behind enemy lines to carry out a mission crucial to the invasion’s success. But as they approach their target, they begin to realize there is more going on in this Nazi-occupied village than a simple military operation.

Overlord (2018) is the new action movie starring Pilou Asbæk, Jacob Anderson and Wyatt Russell.

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