NZ Couple Build Tiny House: Living Big In Retirement!


MILANO411 loves Tiny Houses! Why, gives people of all ages money to travel, start a business, go to school and come visit us in Milan. Checkout this hot New Zealand couple who aren’t spending their lives supporting a McMansion. Enjoying love, life, sex, and retirement. Ciao from Milano. Oops…forgot one other thing, they are 65 and have no mortgage.


In this episode we revisit Dave and Adrienne in their stunning tiny house on wheels which they built to live big in their retirement, only this time, it’s a different tiny house!

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After selling their previous tiny house to an admirer, this couple had another go at designing a new tiny home for their retirement, giving them an opportunity to change any of the things that were less than ideal in their first design.

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With their new tiny house now complete, this inspiring couple can truly sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of their hard work!