NO SHAVE NOVEMBER: J.j. Schelling from Canada!


NO SHAVE NOVEMBER: Day 26…(Gratitude In Muscle)

NO SHAVE NOVEMBER: J.j. Schelling from Canada! | MILANO411Ciao….


We present this lovely photo essay of our newest and most popular model here at MILANO411. Mr. J.j. Schelling from CANADA! Like the country itself, he is larger than life and a sexy package of Muscle-Beast fur and fun. More of J.j. Schelling is coming for 2020 and definitely 2021. Ciao from

NO SHAVE NOVEMBER: J.j. Schelling from Canada! | MILANO411

NO SHAVE NOVEMBER: J.j. Schelling from Canada! | MILANO411


It’s a celebration of a man that the world sometimes forgets about or objectifies in a way that isn’t always about platonic admiration. Yes, he’s a sexy beast in the sheets and everyone wants to “tap that.” And of course, seeing a Muscle-Beast in all his glory is awesome. However, he’s so much more. He’s heart, feeling, love, ideas, and masculine charms made to be viewed and to inspire to greatness. He’s a provider and a loved by his circle of support (family, friends, and lifting buddies – pets too!)

Ciao from…

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: J.j. Schelling is our newest member of our MILANO411 Promo Marketing Team. In that role, he models promos for the various fashion designers we support and love. He’s been involved in the DOTY 2020 Award Winner magazine campaign for VERSACE. Every year the magazine selects a designer to feature. This year it was VERSACE, and J.j. Schelling was part of the magazine’s annual campaign, modeling men’s fragrances and clothes. More coming and J.j. Schelling will be heavily involved with the 2021 DOTY Award Winner. Who is it? Come back on Dec. 31st, to find out. Or Jan. 1st, 2021 at 12:01 AM. Ciao….


MODELING FOR US???: If you’re muscular and live in the United States or Canada, please feel free to contact us. Please be sincere, professional, nice, lives in the gym, have a marketable and friendly look. Fun and open to fashion and travel (when safe). Use the contact form on the site and send in real photos and links (social media). OR, DM us on FB. Ciao…


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