NO SHAVE NOVEMBER: How To Build Muscle @ Home


NO SHAVE NOVEMBER: This is the workout to do. Ciao from


In this video I’m breaking down exactly how I would design complete at-home full body workouts to maintain or build muscle. I also give some nutritional advice for either losing fat or building muscle while training from home! I break the exercises down into 4 categories: 1. Leg Exercises 2. Push Exercises 3. Pull Exercises 4. Isolation Exercises I recommend doing 3-5 full body workouts per week, 1-2 exercises per muscle (or per “category”) and 3-4 sets per exercises per bodypart. The extra rep range is not as important as simply training close to failure. High reps are effective for building and maintaining muscle IF you go close to failure. I recommend stopping 1-3 reps shy on most sets and optionally taking the last set to failure with good form. Exactly how much volume you need will depend on your advancement level, so I am keeping things very general for now. Hope this helps!


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