New Month/New Cover: Fashion 101 w/Madonna

31 is proud to present our annual Back2School/Back2Fashion issue for Sept. The SUMMER of Sci-Fi was a hit and we want to thank all our fans for the wonderful e-mails and a few phone calls about the theme. It will be back in 2019. But now it’s time to go back to work or school for many in both the US and Europe. The summer holidays here in Italy and tourist season are almost over. So we plan to highlight fashion shows, looks, trends, gossip, muscle, articles for women, and pics for BROS (Boobs & Booties – our promise!); plus some POLITICS. Or should we say Editorial and POLITICAL SATIRE. We’ve read the surveys and know we’re not going to make everyone happy. Especially our American fans. But people surveyed asked for more political articles. The satire will be funny and hopefully make everyone think, and course have a fashion spin on it. So we say enjoy life, don’t take things seriously and remember a time when in the States and Italy that people of different political views, could still be friends.

New Month/New Cover: Fashion 101 w/Madonna | MILANO411

So we give you this FASHIONISTA classic from MADONNA. Who was sent to the principle’s office of POPULAR OPINION this month. “Madonna, you didn’t have a HALL PASS to wear Afro-Fashions for the eulogy of Soul Sister & Head Master of Divas, Ms. Aretha Franklin. Bad Girl!” All kidding aside, we have something to say on the subject. So stay tuned. The only thing we can say, don’t let MADONNA fool you. She’s either gained some extra pounds. Is it fat or a baby, we don’t know! A lot of Sci-Fi science is extending the birth rites of women, so they can have babies late in life. Is this good or bad? We’re not sure, yet. Or, possibly, she got “Touched By An Angel.” The ones with wings and that occupy plastic surgeon offices. Who knows? Who cares?

So tune in, whether you’re at the gym, in your car, shopping, or just cruising online. We’re here, and we’re STYLE and definitely got what you want to see. Ciao from Milano…

Versace, Madonna, & Mark Scott!





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