Natsai Audrey Chieza: Possible Futures – The Intersection of Nature, Tech, & Society



The Summer of Sci-Fi is almost here and we have the perfect video essay to expand your mind. Biodesigner Natsai Audrey Chieza drops The 411 on what the future has for us, when we “cross-pollinate” scientific disciplines. Do a process design for the betterment of the human species. Sit back and learn a lot. 

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VIDEO: Courtesy of TED.


Biodesigner Natsai Audrey Chieza prototypes the future, imagining a world where people and nature can thrive together. In this wildly imaginative talk, she shares the vision behind her innovation lab, which works at the intersection of nature, technology and society to create sustainable materials and models for the future. Chieza invites us to consider what kind of world we wish for — and what systemic changes and collaborations need to happen for it to exist.

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