Nathan Philips (Title To Be Determined)


Intro by Christine Brimaldi (Milan Office)

TBD? The short form for the catchphrase To-Be-Determined. To most, this means without form or the final outcome is yet to materialize. Depending on its usage, the term can mean a good one or a negative outcome; or one that has elements of both within its configuration.

Regardless of semantics; a fancy word describing when you’re trying to play with words; Nathan Phillips is DEFINITELY on the POSITVE side of that spectrum. Nathan holds the proud distinction of being the first male model to pose for

The old American saying says the “Pioneers Take Most of the Arrows.” Well, no arrows were shot; but he did get a lot of free model giveaways and the star treatment instead. Hotel, food, gym, and limo to and from the airport, added to the mix. For he impressed us so much, other guys that were technically closer to us weren’t selected to work with us for our inaugural shoots; although their geography favored it.

Does our stuff stink, to quote Red State-speak; “U-betcha.” But at the same time, we have a vision that we’re trying to educate the world on. We want people to live life in the Italian Style; to be a Milano (Milanesi). This is a journey that is probably going to be a long one, but Nathan Phillips embodied that final destination and the goals of our menswear editorial vision too. Young, athletic, handsome, sexy, fun, secure in his masculinity, nice, down-to-Earth, community focused, and spiritual too.

Combined with sexy eyes and a physique that was competitive caliber and the great ability to wear clothes too; Nathan was perfect for our Lancia Issue (In Inglesi: Launch). He also had a love of designer fashion and interest to learn more about the world of high fashion too. Nathan in a word is “sexy dapper,” and knows that doing great hygiene and caring for yourself and your appearance was both masculine and smart. Knowing what we knew and trying to spread and redefine the MILANO411 definition of what is to be male and a guy with muscle.

That is: “Real men, who want women, take care of themselves.”

The same holds true, and known for years by the LBGT community for male/male couples too (men who prefer men). Nathan knew this and expressed his thoughts on this and his love for the ladies and his success with catching their eye too. Nathan was discovered by one of our recruiters, who stressed that this was the model to shoot. Nathan told us, “He really wanted to participate in something like this.”

After hearing this we couldn’t refuse. Our ego, controlled and rationale; was still big too. In a worldview of male dominance that states “size matters,” this appealed to our team and we had the perfect collaborative opportunity to take Italiano Style and mix it with a handsome young man from the American Midwest.

Nathan Phillips, in our opinion, is a rising star that issoon to go supernova. In terms of size, yes there are muscle men bigger than him; but he is a giant in personality and humanity. Modern and masculine, and not shy about showing his body off; and possessing an exhibitionist streak that is classy and makes one curious to see and learn more about him. He is the man that all the designers make clothes for and especially their underwear lines. He has a thing for Armani underwear and Under Armour.

We selected him because he is a competitive physique model who loves to show off and has some really big goals in the future. His photos will be uploaded here to site. The ones with this article are of the selfie-variety, but still show off what he’s got and his eyes tell countless stories. The pics shot by us are stunning and feature his love for Giorgio Armani. You’ll be seeing more of him in the months ahead.

This is a two-part feature; so be sure to read the second part when you get a chance. So from America with love and presented in the Italian artistic style; we give you Nathan Phillips. Title-To-Be-Determined by him and the universe; for he is a man of many talents that we think you will see in film, artbooks, posters, and fashion. Regardless of the medium, he has so much talent that to title him now would be wrong and unfair to him. For his potential is too strong to be revealed right now.

Interview with Nathan by Sean Jason Moore (SJM)

  1. Why do you love bodybuilding?

I love bodybuilding because you have to maintain discipline and put in the effort that you want to reflect from your image.  The image you visualized within your mind.  You simply can’t buy or be given it.  You have to earn and maintain it.  It’s just that simple.

  1. How long have you had the current physique that we see before us?

How long have I had this physique? I have always been in good shape from a kid until now. Only within the last 2 to 3 years, have I pursued actually building it the right way with dieting and breaking down the muscle properly. The diet is truly more than half of the struggle, but the results are well worth it.

  1. What was the hardest struggle of your transformation?

The hardest struggle of my transformation was stress overall.  I’ve always loved pushing myself to the limits and creating more goals.  Had points where stress won and my body and mind took the beating. Lost the motivation due to unnecessary distractions.  Thank God that year is over.  All success and smiles from here on out.

  1. Describe your weekly workout?

Day 1- Chest and Triceps (Light on Triceps)
Day 2- Legs and Forearms
Day 3- Biceps and Triceps
Day 4- Shoulders
Day 5- Chest and Legs (High eps)
Day 6- Back and Biceps
Day 7- Rest

Sometimes I make day 5 another rest day.  I go by feel and not by a certain day for this and that. I honestly hate rest days, but they are necessary for growth and progression.

  1. So, a rumor is floating around that you modeled for a certain Italian lifestyle website called…(tell us about your experience).

My modeling experience with Milano411. That was a neat experience and a first for me to be honest. I’ve always loved the camera and seeing my growth, but the experience and talent by your team was
comfortable and tasteful.  I look forward to future shoots and maybe I’ll get to go to Milan and shoot with that office too.
Modeling is fun to me for a couple reasons.  You can express yourself and show what you have worked so hard for through a lens.  Just neat to me and fun all together.

  1. A lot of guys are forever showing their body off online, via Instagram, Facebook, etc. Do you think they are “full of themselves” or overly vain? How do feel when people say that about you?

When someone posts pics online. Honesty I’m one of them and I try to be humble as possible with occasional failure. I know what I have and what I’ve worked so hard to build. I use to profile people and judge.  Now I make it a point to lift people up, even if they are arrogant or a self-centered know it all. Props is always due to someone that is doing something for them and helping others.  I’m a teddy bear that loves to throw weights around and build me. I have that soft side to me underneath the layers of muscle and fat, but no one would know that if they just judged me from the distance. Absolutely nothing wrong with posting progress and showing who you are. If people don’t like it, then why are you being a fan and watching their page with hateful intentions?  Everyone has struggles and deal with them in certain ways.  Just be the person that God made you to be.  Stop profiling people without knowing who or what they came from.

  1. How many followers do you have on your Instagram? What is it?

I don’t have a crazy amount of followers on instagram, but it builds over time just like anything else associated with the gym.  I think I have about 500 give or take.  The link is:

  1. Any more plans to compete?

Always plan to compete, in some shape or form. It’s now a passion and a hobby of mine. I competed the first time with Men’s Physique, placing 4th. I think I’m going to pursue bodybuilding the next time.  Just on a bulking and building phase (currently).

  1. Favorite designers?

Armani E7, Under Armour, Express, and Alfani from Macy’s.  I like clothes, period.  I also am becoming a big fan of Dirk Bikkembergs.  He seems to design for an active man, in mind.  I also like D&G, Versace, and Ralph Lauren.

  1. Favorite stores where you get your clothes from?

Favorite stores to shop at are Express and Ralph Lauren.  Macy’s and Zara’s too.

  1. Do you think dressing up is important, if you work out? A lot of young men, look like they are wearing potato sacks when they come to the gym.  We like to call them the Taliban Bodybuilders.

Dressing up is always important when you want to show off your image and style; especially in the gym. It’s just a mental boost, but it’s not everything to me. I’ve worked out in a trash bag before to lose water weight.  Gotta do what you gotta do.  I would be just fine in workout clothes all day long.  But I love dress shirts and pants and shoes too.  I can go from the gym to GQ in 30 seconds.

  1. Have you met a lot of people on Bodyspace and what do you like about that community?

Bodyspace is my favorite site by far.  You can post anything fitness related with as much arrogance and taste as you want.  The people on there simply support you no matter what and help you with struggles.  It’s literally another world full of great support.  They definitely helped me on my path to being a fitness enthusiast.  If you’re not a member, I invite you over to join.
Link for Bodyspace:

  1. What type of music do you like to listen to for a workout?

I listen to rap, country, and pop. I love Pandora. 

  1. Do you work out by yourself or with a buddy?

I’m very popular in my gym, and a lot guys know me and I normally have someone to spot for me or I go it alone.  But normally, I’m working out with my girlfriend (my “swolemate”). lol

  1. Plans for the future?

Plans for the future consist of one word beginning with a letter “S,” followed by a lot if actions and hard work.  Simply going to keep reaching for “Success.”  Build me and keep competing as well as support my partner (Wonder Woman) when she does the same.

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