MUSCLE MONSTERS: The Ultimate Full Body Workout for Mass (DUMBBELLS ONLY)


A wonderful workout video on the power of dumbbells and what they can do for the body. We’ve gone through a period where people don’t always have access to gyms. This video gives you some good pointers to help you out. 

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Having access to a complete gym is great, but sometimes a couple dumbbells is all you’ve got. This lack of equipment, however, is no excuse. As long as you can follow the right plan and push yourself, you can make crazy changes in your body. In this video, I’m going to give you a complete full body workout for muscle growth that you can do from anywhere. All you need are a couple of dumbbells. Full Body Workout (Dumbbells Only): DB Front Squat 4×10 RDL 3×12 DB Row 4×10 Floor Press 4×10 Overhead Press 3×12 Biceps Curls 3×15 Overhead Triceps Extensions 3×15.


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