Muscle Daddy: Happy Father’s Day Weekend!


Who’s your daddy? A term that has sometimes sexual connotations. MILANO411 says push the sex to the side for one moment and look at the sentence as a whole or the statement itself. Who – is – your – daddy?

The term has or phrase has a deeper meaning. A daddy is and should always be a FATHER. A daddy should be a man that knows how to LOVE. LOVE his children, love his wife or GF or BF. He should be STRONG and FEARLESS. He should PROVIDE and ALWAYS work for a better future for his children. If he’s single, well the SEX term definitely should come into play. But visions of MUSCLE MEN and other MASCULINE SUBJECTS, should be accompanied with more than “endless pounding” in the bedroom, in the backyard by the pool, on the pool table, in the back of a pick-up truck; or for those who dare, taking her in the shower at the gym. Having old men be jealous, and say, “I’m going to report you!” And a you say, with heavy breathing….“Go ahead…I’m….I’m….I’m…I’m….going to _____________________________”-  (Be a great daddy and father!)

Happy Father’s Day to everyone on both sides of the Atlantic. Remember to be a GOOD FATHER, is the best job in the world and all fathers are HEROES….

Ciao from MILANO411.COM….

HOPE EVERYONE IS READY….THE SUMMER OF SCI-FI IS HERE! Thanks for all the great fan mail. We’re planning on printing some of it this season. This is our second one and we do this every year! The whole summer of 2018 is dedicated to the genre we all love and some fear, known as science fiction or Sci-Fi. So dream with us and try not the fear. Because the world will be saved by heroes and strong women (DIVAs). Superman can always beat zombies!

MILANO411 suggests for the stylish dad this Father’s Day…Polo Red, made by Mr. Ralph Lauren. We chose an American designer, because Superman is global, but in all reality he an American Icon…

Muscle Daddy: Happy Father's Day Weekend! | MILANO411

Fabio Romagnolo from Italy…a true definition of a Muscle Daddy!

Muscle Daddy: Happy Father's Day Weekend! | MILANO411

Gerald Maragos…a TRUE MUSCLE DADDY from the USA!

Muscle Daddy: Happy Father's Day Weekend! | MILANO411

Dan Stanescu from Romania!

Muscle Daddy: Happy Father's Day Weekend! | MILANO411