Moments in History That Inspired The Handmaid’s Tale



The Summer of Sci-Fi is almost over and we’re taking the month of August to salute strong portrayals in sci-fi by WOMEN & DIVAS. Well, last night was the season finale of HMT by the HULU channel and it was a tour de force. Hitting below the belt and taking no prisoners. Elizabeth Moss took her character June to the limits and put the men in the dictatorship of Gilead and letting them know who’s in charge. She’s in charge and for those old enough to remember the NBC sci-fi TV mini-series V, she was channeling the alien Diana for sure (in that last episode on the bridge of the ship with the nukes).

Like Diana of that series and the goddess of ancient culture, June from HMT made it known that too many people had died and been brutalized by the monsters of Gilead. They had suffered and she was getting those kids out! We won’t ruin the rest. If you don’t have HULU or the DVDs, get them now. This show is prophetic and about business. It is the times we live in. It is Trump on Steroids and grabbing p_$$y. The goal is to make sure Ms. Atwood’s wonderful story stays fiction and the only way to do that is to vote. You’ve been warned, young lady. If you like your feminine wilds and don’t want to wear a red or olive green  (like the Marthas) dress; vote. Ciao and God Bless (WE LOVE THIS SHOW….)

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Almost everything described in the book and the show Handmaid’s tale has a parallel in a totalitarian or religious state, military regime, religious order or cult, or, chillingly, in Western society today.

Margaret Atwood, the author of the book “Handmaid’s Tale,” on which the show was based, keeps saying that “Nothing that I’ve written hasn’t already happened.

And nothing that we build doesn’t already exist.” Which historical events inspired the Handmaid’s Tale author and the show’s screenwriters, and why The Handmaid’s Tale can serve as a warning to the whole world?

Forced pregnancy in Cambodia, kidnapping, clothes as a way of humiliation, environmental destruction and other moments took place in the past and even in present!

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