MILANO411: Happy Holidays & Magazine News!



We hope this holiday season finds everyone enjoying life, eating, and loving. Hit the streets and don’t let a pandemic stop your cheer. Wear a mask of course. We suggest getting vaxxed too. For the Freedom Crowd, we pray you come to your senses.

On other notes, everyone here in the office is doing well. We wanted to wish our warmest hopes for a bright 2022 from all of us here in both NYC and MILANO. For new readers, this magazine has two editorial offices. That way we can give you the best that fashion and lifestyle editorial on Italian design, made for English-speaking audiences and of course, worldwide global consumption as well. 

MILANO411: Happy Holidays & Magazine News! | MILANO411

The pandemic is still a “downer,” but know that we love and pray for all our readers, fans, FB friends, and others we care about. To our Fashion Partners within the Fashion Industry, may the New Year of 2022 bring you more profit, growth, and creativity. Lots of fun too! We love vlogging, blogging, and telling people the wonders of Italian design and by extension, the city of MILANO. Our creative home and heart. 

Now we move to the announcements:

  1. MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Coming soon! Can’t tell you right now. Stay tuned and join our mailing list to stay updated on MILANO411.


2. DOTY 2021: MICHAEL KORS in the house. More posts about our beloved New Yorker and style genius, MICHAEL KORS; is coming soon. Thanks for all the e-mails and fan mail about this year’s winner. More Michael Kors coming in 2022. We love this man!

That’s all we have to report for now. We’re saving the best stuff for later. We have modeling team update to report real soon; that is juicy, hairy, and covered with sexy RED HAIR. We won’t spoil the surprise. 

Ciao from


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