MILANO411: DOTY 2022 is Us!!!


MILANO411: DOTY 2022 is Us!!! | MILANO411

We are Designer of The Year 2022! Welcome to the Age of MILANO411.

We’re excited to launch our first set of capsule collections designed exclusively by us. The capsule collections will have looks for both Men and Women. We’re planning on doing it wit, charm, love, and design. We’ve gathered a team that is global. The cities vary, but know that MILANO is in their hearts, and we always filter designs and concepts for our fashion goods through this lens. The vision of MILANO with some vibes coming from the streets of NYC too. The collection will be coming out in phases. So, please stay tuned and also join our mailing list to learn more.

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MILANO411: DOTY 2022 is Us!!! | MILANO411



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