MILANO411.COM Turns 5 Years Old!


The orbits of Jupiter and Saturn are aligned. Magic is going to happen tonight. Behold the wonder and know it has significance to us. Today marks the 5TH ANNIVERSARY of the founding and creation of your favorite fashionista/lifestyle blog from the city of MILANO. With a little NYC thrown into the mix. The last time this happened was 800 years ago. So check it out. Make love, make plans, send love.

We took a leap of faith and created a publication to share our trips, visits, and extended stays to the Fashion Capital of The World. With our Italian colleagues wanting to share what is here in MILANO with you out there. To take all of you the trip with us. Thanks for supporting and loving us for 5 years. We hope the next 5 years are just as fun. 

Ciao from

MILANO411.COM Turns 5 Years Old! | MILANO411

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We were launched today on 12.21.2015. Special thanks to our creative directors and models, and a special love shout out to MICHAEL LOWE. Michael has been our creative rock and a light of hope to the staff. All the models rock on our current team, but we’ve known Michael Lowe since before our founding. Michael, thanks for your love and modeling for us. – Kris Milano, Publisher of

MILANO411.COM Turns 5 Years Old! | MILANO411


Jupiter and Saturn are set to align over Britain’s skies for the first time in 800 years in a phenomenon dubbed the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. 

Both gas giants, they have been gradually getting closer to one another since the start of summer.

And, on December 21, the planets will appear to virtually overlap in the sky in a phenomenon not seen since the Middle Ages. Pic below from here in ITALY!

MILANO411.COM Turns 5 Years Old! | MILANO411


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