Speaks: What’s Going On????

7 Speaks: What's Going On???? | MILANO411

Hello!!! We hope everyone is having a wonderful March. Both MARCH & APRIL will see some announcements coming. We won’t ruin the surprise. Just come back for more. In synopsis, this month has the following:

  1. ANCIENTS MONTH: Celebrating the wonder of ancient Rome and Greece. 
  2. MODELING TEAM: If you’re a MAN, feel free to apply. We’re mainly looking for men from the USA, but open to guys from other places too. Send in photos (current) and social media links. We’ll get back to you. We have 2 to 3 spots on the 2021 team.
  3. MUSCLE COLUMN: New content coming soon. We’ve added some this month and more is coming to close-out March. More will be coming later this year. 

Ok, no more to say. We’ll be in touch with more. Ciao from



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