Speaks: Happy Valentine’s Day!


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Speaks: Happy Valentine's Day! | MILANO411

To all the lovers, we wish you best and love. May Feb. find you in spirits for romance. May that romance be full of everyone’s favorite 4-letter word….LOVE. Loving someone is magical and full of hope, dreams, and determination.

LOVE is an artform that needs to be refined and practiced in public and private spaces. Your world that you share with that special one that you joined with via marriage; or maybe you’re just “common-law” lovers that’s been “shacking” up for several years now and you know they’re the one. The one who fills you with light and hope. 

The road is not always easy, but is sweet and should always come with large amounts of joy and good times. Take time to appreciate the love in your life if you are married or currently dating. If you’re SONO SINGLE, don’t give up hope. Know that love is somewhere in the works for you real soon. NEVER give up! Focus on the dream of being a couple and GOD and The Universe will make it happen. If not now, in the future and until then, single folks need to love themselves and life. 

Ok, we wish you a blessed Feb. the 14th and we look forward to seeing the fireworks. 

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