MILANO411.COM Speaks: Happy New Year! Hello 2021!


MILANO411.COM Speaks: Happy New Year! Hello 2021!

MILANO411.COM Speaks: Happy New Year! Hello 2021! | MILANO411

Hello readers and fans. We crossed over and the blue marble is still spinning. The year known as 2020 is gone. It was one of trials and loss. To those who suffered the evils of the COVID-19 pandemic, our hearts go out to you and your families. Prayers too. Please know that we stand with science and facts. We’ll always supply information based on those. The goal is make your lives better and give you the “knowledge fuel,” to have an edge for your family, business, or yourself.

We hope 2021 brings you all that you want. Ok, here are some role call announcements:

DOTY 2021 Award Winner: MICHAEL KORS carries the honor. He is the first American designer to win it. More fun coming. We’ll be doing a separate posts on this. MICHAEL KORS is that big and needs his own post.

MILANO411.COM Speaks: Happy New Year! Hello 2021! | MILANO411

DOTY 2020 Ends: We say UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN to the design team and genius that is VERSACE. We love VERSACE and we have a sneaky suspicion they’ll win the award a third time. Donatella Versace, ain’t playin’ like the drag queens say. She’s a force in fashion and Milano, Italy and we love her. It was fun and we will, of course, cover VERSACE for 2021 too. But 2021 now belongs to the new DOTY Award Winner.

MILANO411.COM Speaks: Happy New Year! Hello 2021! | MILANO411


  1. Articles, articles, and more articles: We’ve hired two new more writers and we’ll be pushing some articles out that you must see. So sit back and we thank you for your patience.
  2. This Month: All this month, we’re doing dance music; but heavy influence on house and club over the next few days. Chill-out, lounge-core tracks too for those who need to think.
  3. Next Issue: Afro-Culture Month starts on 02.01.2021. Ciao…
  4. VALENTINE’S DAY Issue: Starts on the last week of Jan. and runs for the whole month of Feb. Ciao…

Also, the magazine turned FIVE YEARS old on 12.21.2020. We now are in the following:

MILANO411_Vol. 6_Year 6

So sit back, enjoy and welcome to the new era of MILANO411.COM magazine. Ciao….


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