Speaks: Happy Easter Peeps (We Love U & Enjoy Life)


Hello peeps! We hope life is treating you well. We hope the Easter Bunny gave you some good stuff this past weekend. We want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Some are off all this week, while others still have to hit the grind and go to work everyday. Regardless of which set you’re in, know you’re in our thoughts.

The month of April will see a lot of fun stuff and some changes to our format. We’ll be serving up ample doses of Fashion, Art, Music, Muscle (for the Men), and Glamour (for the Ladies). The David Issue 2021 was launched on April 1st and we’ll have more details on that soon. So enjoy. The David Issue is an annual issue that is launched every April 1st of the given year. As part of the magazine campaign, check out MARK SCOTT. He is our cover model this month.

Love from the staff of Speaks: Happy Easter Peeps (We Love U & Enjoy Life) | MILANO411