Speaks: Happy 4th of July!!! (The Future Will Be Sci-Fi)


Hello readers & fans! We want to wish our fan base in the USA a Happy 4th of July!!!!

Capture the future with love and hope. Look towards the lens of Utopia, but have the grounded reality of Dystopia to guide all your decisions. Look towards the stars again, not MAGA. MAGA & all that it includes revolves around low energies. Focus on the high energies of Love, Creation, Peace, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, and Just Being Fabulous.

The Summer of Sci-Fi has entered it’s second month. This is our 4th year doing THE SUMMER OF SCI-FI super issue. So stay tuned. We’ll be talking some heavy themes. Futurism will be the focus and of course space travel and design. 

Ok, enjoy that booze and grill. Ciao from


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