Speaks: For Both Men & Women (All Fashionista Apply!!!)


Hello Peeps, Fans, & Those Who Dare To Call Themselves, READERS (We love you the most); HELLO!!! & Happy Summer.

We wanted to drop a line or a PSA to update the new arrivals to the magazine this month about magazine. The year known as 2021 is incredible for us. Readership is up and fan mail too. So much, we’re behind. Our apologies on that. We’ll catch up. New interns are being interviewed as we speak. But we digress.

We wanted to take the time to tell the NEW READERS a few things:

  1. OUR MAGAZINE: For MEN & WOMEN who love Italian fashion. Also all fashionista.
  2. SEXUALITY: Who cares??? Labels are for closets, your look, and fashion week.
  3. SUMMER OF SCI-FI: Launched every summer on June 1st. A fun issue dedicated to all things sci-fi and futurism too. 

That’s it. We have some more fun stuff coming for The Summer of Sci-Fi 2021. We’ll let you see them, when they come out. Love you!!! 

Ciao from