Speaks: Check out Nile Rodgers. Musical Legend

16 Speaks: Check out Nile Rodgers. Musical Legend | MILANO411


As we close out our month-long issue for Afro-Culture Month (Black History Month in USA); we wanted to say thanks to all the readers that sent in letters. They came from all types of people, countries, and races. In the USA, Biden and Putin’s Boyfriend voters. The letters were read and some got answers. We can’t answer all letters now. But we thank you for the commentary.

The best one came from John and Dottie (his wife) from PA (USA). We’ll share it this week. But we wanted to send our love. The kind words will be passed onto our creative and web design teams.

Ok…well, more music, history, and love coming. The struggle is real BOO.

Enjoy this hot mix by one of our favorite guys, Mr. Nile Rodgers. Ciao…

Nile Rodgers: Do What You Wanna Do [The Reflex Clubbed Up Revision 2021] | MILANO411


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