Speaks: Afro-Culture Month Super Issue – Starts Now

12 Speaks: Afro-Culture Month Super Issue – Starts Now
(01.17.2022 to 03.01.2022)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE & ALL FABULOUS PEOPLE: magazine is proud to present our annual super issue dedicated to the study, love, and appreciation of Afrocentric peoples worldwide, with special emphasis on African American studies or Black History from the United States of American (USA). All are welcomed to partake on the fun, and history. We’re going to ask the hard questions and the answers won’t always be available. But for those with a non-colonial mind and wish to understand the Afro or Black experience, stop by this month and learn a lot. 

For 2022 we’re starting the issue early, thus making it a grand total of six fabulous and incredible weeks of learning the culture, struggles, fears, loves, and wonderful gifts of Afro-Culture. All magazine teams from MILANO, NYC, and now PARIS will be giving contributions to the super issue. 

For newbies to the magazine this supper issue is our publication’s gift and attempt to broaden all minds on these subjects, regardless of the color of your skin. We’ve been doing Afro-Culture Month (Black History Super Issue) dating back to our origins in 2015. This is the 7th Afro-Culture Month Super Issue. More coming and thanks for dropping by for the knowledge. 

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