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11 Speaks: AD (We Got Married!) | MILANO411


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Date: Tuesday 02.22.2022

______________________________ Speaks: AD (We Got Married!) | MILANO411

Friends, Peeps, and all Fashionista, welcome. We hope you’re having a wonderful week and had a fun weekend too. magazine is proud to announce our formation and merger of our magazine, with our new French partners, into a new fashion media collective called:


(Known as AD for short)

The new company will be the official home of both fashion publications for (Milan) and BEAUX HOMMES Magazine (Paris). Both publications will work in collaboration with one another, while still retaining their respective and city-specific fashion/lifestyle editorial for the two fashion capitals.

The two form the core of ART and DREAMERS (AD), Euro Publications Portfolio. That portfolio organization of the two fashion media concepts will consist of the following:

  • Magazine specific marketing campaigns.
  • Two organizational offices, with local staff.
  • City specific content and editorial. Some shared content, but only in “rare instances,” and to adequately cover world events as they relate to fashion, the arts, style, and lifestyle.

What type of content will each one cover????

  • MILANO411: Will add new categories in 2022 and expand on fan favorites. Local staff working on content in both NYC and MILANO.
  • BEAUX HOMMES: Will only do things associated with PARIS and all things French. BEAUX HOMMES, will expand on its unique formula as “fashion entertainment/news” for a “Mostly Female” audience, and those of the “female spirit.” Men (Str8/Hetero and their fabulous Gay Brothers) are welcome to explore and will find posts, news, and magazine giveaways to their liking. However, the editorial direction and content focus will be on topics of interest to women. But men are welcomed and encouraged to come along. Speaks: AD (We Got Married!) | Speaks: AD (We Got Married!) | MILANO411

What’s The 411/C’est La Vie???? finalized its organizational merger and acquisition of its new French-themed partner or “sister publication,” and newest magazine, BEAUX HOMMES. This occurred shortly after the French site launch on Tuesday 12.21.2021. A lot of growth and excitement has happened since that time for both publications, with consolidation meetings being highly productive, and giving birth to the new media company.

BEAUX HOMMES Magazine will be based in Paris, France and will be for a MOSTLY FEMALE audience.  However, there will be content for Str8/Hetero Men and their fabulous Gay brothers and others from the equally fab LBGTQ community too. Speaks: AD (We Got Married!) | MILANO411 BEAUX HOMMES was officially launched on 12.21.2021 and the two magazines form the foundation of the newly formed company’s Euro Publications Portfolio, and both are owned by the newly created publishing house and media concepts firm named, ART and DREAMERS (AD).

BEAUX HOMMES has been out for almost two months and the fan mail and interest has been inspiring and offers a lot of opportunities for fans of French fashion and the city of Paris. 

The new company’s name was agreed upon by executive management and boards of the two publications on Nov. 1st, 2021.  Although that is ART and DREAMERS (AD) “Founder’s Day,” both companies have been in discussion of a possible alliance or formal merger since May of 2020. 

ART and DREAMERS (AD) will consolidate high-level creative staff of the two firms into one organizational structure, consisting of twenty-five Creative Directors and an Executive Board. Each magazine will have its own operational staff in place to facilitate content production that is authentic for their respective fan bases. With focusing on both MILANO and NYC fashion editorial, and BEAUX HOMMES producing articles and projects for the Paris fashion community and associated fans.

The new board for ART and DREAMERS (AD) will focus on drafting the creative vision and editorial focus for each of the publications, with the goal of maintaining the fashion and cultural focus of the two publications, with the goal of making sure MILANO411 magazine is always Italian or covering relevant issues from the United States and other worldwide topics. With the city of MILANO always as our “creative center,” and love. Speaks: AD (We Got Married!) | MILANO411


Audiences & Article/Coverage Requests????

The two publications have in their editorial and visual DNA some similarities. However, like the two cities they are based in, they produce content focused on its respective “fashion capital” of being the “center of their universe.”

MILANO411 is “Duo Editorial/Publication” with MILANO (Milan) as its creative center, but at the same time taking input from its NYC creative team, since its creation in 2015. Speaks: AD (We Got Married!) | MILANO411

BEAUX HOMMES will focus on PARIS only and all things from France and the larger “French-speaking” world. Speaks: AD (We Got Married!) | MILANO411

Although this seems like a simple formula, the basics one needs to know for advertising or an article placement/interest are as follows:

MILANO411: For men and women who want “The 411,” on Italian design as seen through the eyes of Milano. is also proud to be a unique fashion magazine aimed at both sexes. Giving both men and women, the elements of style. The magazine also takes in large amounts of influence from NYC and its goal is always to educate English-speakers worldwide and fashionista, who dream of living and working in the city of Milano. OR, having a closet full of Italian designer clothes in their home and traveling to Italy.


BEAUX HOMMES Magazine: Is made primarily for women and/or females who like French style and dream of an imagined life in Paris. We plan to be for all women, not “only the rich girls,” who can afford to travel or live in Paris. For more information and taste of Paris, please click the link below for details. Speaks: AD (We Got Married!) | MILANO411

What’s Next????

More announcements are coming in the months ahead. Please sign-up on our mailing list for We’ll make official and corporate announcements regarding both publications. Also, feel free to join the mailing lists for BEAUX HOMMES.

Thanks for your time and following both and now, from Paris, BEAUX HOMMES.

Ciao from


PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Thanks to all in our NYC office and in both MILANO and PARIS, who helped in making this happen. The staff of looks forward to the continued alliance and creative projects with our new French partners, at BEAUX HOMMES in our new “umbrella company,” ART and DREAMERS (AD). Let our work be about art and the power it has to transform media and lives. Ciao…