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We wanted to take some time to say hello. We hope life is treating you well. 

OUR MAGAZINE IS HAVING AN INCREDIBLE 2021!!! We hope the year is good for you too. Like sex. Oh well, maybe not.

But we hope the year is bringing you LOVE, GROWTH, MONEY, NEW FRIENDS, AND MOVEMENT TOWARDS DREAMS. We want to welcome all the new readers that joined our mailing list since Jan. 2021. Welcome and we wanted to remind you that this publication is made for both MEN & WOMEN. So sometimes you’ll see a post that is made more for the opposite sex. Don’t fret!!! SHARE our posts and articles with people. We love that and thank you in advance. 

The D-word must always be obeyed or followed. DREAMS are where the harvest begins. Where you can grow and build the life that you visualize. Build it now. Don’t wait. Tomorrows are not always guaranteed. Grab life and keep pushing. Ignore critics and only surround yourself with loved ones, friends, and fans. 

Ok, we’ll have some new announcements soon. Talk to you soon and thanks for being the best fans and supporters in the world. Always have fashion, beauty, muscle, art, style, and most of all, LOVE in your hearts and minds. 

Ciao from Speaks: A Magazine For Men & Women (All Fashionista Too!!)) | MILANO411