MILAN @ Sunset…

24 is proud to present this digital video gem, that shows off our home town, our mantra, and our love; the City of Milan (also known as Milano)…which by default is the Fashion Capital of the World. With one of the most dynamic and down-to-Earth fashion capitals among the Big 3 (NYC, Paris, and Milan). We strive to push Fun, Food, Fashion, Family, and for some our readers Fitness. Let Milan be your guide. Let our mantra be your mantra….that is:

Energy – Efficiency – Discipline….

That is the official mantra of the city of Milan. Let it be yours. Come see us this Fashion Season. School is back in this season and Halloween is just around the corner. Also, we love visitors, so put us on your next trip list and don’t forget about the last F, that’s FRIENDS. Make some, meet some, move past hate. Move to love and brotherhood and sisterhood….Get ready for the fun…

Ciao from Milano….


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