Mike Bennet Talks To Afro-Folks (Cool White Dude or Something Else)


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Michael Bennet Agrees He’s the Bland White Guy in the Room — But He’s Still Here

We love Michael Bennet. We think he has Big Chair potential. VP Kamala Harris is nice, but we wanted her to be either Attorney General and Putin’s Boyfriend’s “worst nightmare,” or on the Supreme Court.

We love this because we don’t think IOWA and NEW HAMPSHIRE go first in the primaries. We rather see one state from each of America’s five regions go. But we’ll let you watch and learn. This is a good discussion. Our Advice and Thoughts: Michael, hire a personal trainer. We’ll help you find one. BULK UP and get some publicity pics. Shirtless too. Then just focus on media appearances and policy. People will make fun of the body, but trust us, the body and your anti-poverty platform is good.

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VIDEO: Courtesy of VICE. Ciao…


Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet doesn’t mind being the bland white guy in the Democratic presidential field. “Let’s address the elephant in the room,” VICE News’ Alzo Slade asked the Colorado senator at the 2020 Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum in Des Moines on Monday. “New York Magazine described you as ‘a bland white guy you’ve never heard of.’” “That’s a fair description,” Bennet responded. That, after all, is basically his thing. His pitch to voters, shortly after he launched his campaign, was that if he were elected, Americans wouldn’t have to think about him all the time, unlike the guy currently in the White House. Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News

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