Michael Lowe: Happy 4th of July!!! (w/Polo)


FOR WOMEN: Ladies, females, DIVAS (purposely written in all caps), Sistas, Redneck and Dixie Queens, Lovely Latinas and men who service men (We saw you fall off the Pride Float…stop drinking so much!); we give you a PATRIOTIC dose of Michael Lowe this Wednesday. Also, a most Happy 4th of July to our readers, fans, and friends in the USA. Get out, have fun, get your drink on. Some have work tomorrow. Smart divas and LADIES, took off the whole week. Well, have fun, play safe, and GET WET (Hmmmm…).

The “Usual Suspects,” we give you Michael Lowe sporting Polo. A MILANO411 favorite for the patriotic AMERICAN (Americano in Italian!). Ciao from both NYC and MILANO….

MILANO411 (Female Staff!): Michael…hey BOO! What is a sexy Ginger Muscle Stud (GMS) doing for the 4th? Please tell us sexy…..

Michael Lowe: “Nothing much. Working out, talking to friends and family. Probably going to spend it naked with a special lady friend of mine. We’re just friends with benefits. Want to spend it with more ladies. Any takers? America is about sharing. Isn’t it? Everyone have a Happy 4th of July and thanks to all our service men and women serving in the Armed Forces with pride.”

A patriotic Photo-Essay made for LADIES ONLY…..Ciao from MILANO411.com

Michael Lowe: Happy 4th of July!!! (w/Polo) | MILANO411

Michael Lowe: Happy 4th of July!!! (w/Polo) | MILANO411

Michael Lowe: Happy 4th of July!!! (w/Polo) | MILANO411

MILANO411 suggests POLO Red for the man who wants women to want him…