MICHAEL KORS: DOTY 2021 – December Cover



We end our DOTY 2021 celebration with a fitting cover for Michael Kors. For new readers and fans to the magazine, MICHAEL KORS was named Designer of The Year – 2021. This is the magazine’s signature campaign and is launched on January 1st of the new year. Michael Kors is our first American fashion designer to win the award from us.

The winner receives 5 to 6 covers for the calendar year and their clothes are given photo essays on their collections, that carry into the next year. 

On top of that, our MILANO411 Creative Directors and Stylists do promos with our menswear modeling team and other giveaways for the readers. So please stay tuned. Join our mailing list and of course join the mailing lists for MICHAEL KORS too. 

We are proud and honored to feature MICHAEL KORS as our DOTY 2021 Award Winner.

Ciao from MILANO411.com

MICHAEL KORS: DOTY 2021 - December Cover | MILANO411

The Designer of The Year Award magazine campaign is called DOTY 2021 for short. We take the given year and add the short form of DOTY to go with the title. The campaign is the biggest for the magazine with the exception of our annual lovefest super-issue for the SUMMER OF SCI-FI. We use the DOTY Award also as a way to educate the readers and fans of the magazine about the fashion designer, their vision, their story, and other facts about them. Always positive and with the love of master archivist or historian. 

MICHAEL KORS: DOTY 2021 - December Cover | MILANO411