Michael Dunn: Muscle BRO Transformation!


This month, we celebrate Renaissance 21 and the iconic Italian historical treasure, known as The David. MILANO411 is proud to give our first David Award for Transformation to Mr. Michael Dunn. Michael who also goes by MikeyDunn_Fit on IG, lives in AZ and is soon to compete. He went from Fat2Fit or Fat2Fabulous as we in the fashion set like to say. Crafting his Gorilla Suit with style and precision. He knows his stuff and anyone who hires him to train their body, will get a true PRO in the game of muscle transformation. So we’ll spare you the small talk and let you discover what this Correctional Officer from AZ (USA) has to say. Interview is below….

1. What made you want to change your body? Did something happen, that you just said; “I can’t be fat anymore.”

I never really considered myself fat or even that out of shape (until I see my before pictures). My main motivating factors were that I wanted to show my son David anything is possible. I also wanted to and continue to inspire as many people as possible.

2. What did you  do to get the process started?

I had a vision of what I wanted my body to look like. I knew I couldn’t achieve it without a plan. So I set a diet, workout, and cardio schedule and stuck with it.

3. Now you’re in shape, how has your life and confidence changed?

My life has pretty much stayed the same. My confidence has went thru the roof but I stay humble and don’t let the compliments feed my ego. My motto or philosophy on what I want from a woman is below.

4. How many times do you go to the gym?

I go five (5) days a week for weight training and 3-4 days a week for fasted cardio.

5. Diet?

My diet is always changing. But one thing that has been steady is counting my macros.

6. Favorite part to train?

I love training all body parts. But if I had to narrow it down. I’d say my shoulders. For my shoulders I start off with side dumbbell raises superset that with front shoulder raises. From there I’ll go to barbell military presses superset. Then combine that with barbell shrugs. Then I’ll finish it all off with rear delt flyes superset and combine that with upright rows.

7. Advice for those who are still fat and want to be a Muscle God like you?

A “Muscle God.” I like that! Thank you for the compliment. I’d tell them to not get discouraged if they have a setback. Have a goal set and plan on how to achieve that goal.

8. Did your love life with women change?

Love life. What’s that? Haha I have been single and am still shy on making the first move.

 9. Did the change help you with your job or profession? What do your co-workers say?
My job is physically demanding so it has helped with endurance and daily tasks. My coworkers have taken a notice and I hope to spark some interest and train and motivate them.
10. How would you describe your fashion style in and out of the gym?
 I guess I’d say more laid back. I love shopping at Tilly’s and Buckle.

IG: Instagram.com/mikeydunn_fit

FACEBOOK:  He’s soon to leave FB. So guys if you want BRO advice and ladies if you’re looking for a little something, something…then go to his IG account. He rather be contacted there, as of this writing. Ciao!

**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The staff of MILANO411 would like to thank Michael Dunn for taking the time to share his story with us and you. The transformation is inspirational and definitely not to be laughed at, in terms of commitment and the final outcome. Which put simply, is a work of art, or should we say Muscle Art. Just like The David here in Italy. Ciao for now, from MILANO and NYC (USA Office).

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More Muscle God Pics Below:

The BRO’s Statement: Mikey…great work and way to hustle in the gym. If you don’t mind us saying; you went from SLOB to Muscle God and your new look ain’t only about fucking fashion. It probably comes in handy in the gym and at work too. Get Big or Die Trying! You definitely have a physique like The David. Ciao from both Milan and NYC….(By Ryan, Mike G. and Josh Rizzi)

What we like? (A Female’s Perspective): All-American hat works with the eyes. The tats are sexy, but not too much. Art work is not cheap. Guys..remember, when it comes to body modification; don’t go CHEAP. Work the extra overtime (OT) or get a second job. Get them done in Vegas, Miami, NYC, or LA. Your flesh is forever…like The David statue in Italy. (By Sheila Reynolds and Karen Ionnitti)

What we like? (A Female’s Perspective): Like Madonna (legend and icon),  says from her Vogue song, “He Gives Good Face!” The glasses are very MILANO411 and his hair is done, and the gel is a turn-on and masculine. The “undone” guy at the gym is only hot to women if he’s sensitive and/or really has a hot bod. Looks like he does good hygiene too. Man funk isn’t sexy to most women. His face says he’s in charge, fun, knows how to kiss, and is romantic too!

What we like? (A Female’s Perspective): This pic is perfect, just needs a female hand with red nail polish counting his ab muscles! Pecs are gorgeous and very much like The David…

What we like? (A Female’s Perspective): A man with morals and faith! Very sexy and Very Milano!


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