MATT FERRELL: Exploring Modular Homes – Cheapest Path to Net Zero?


A wonderful design essay by Matt Ferrell. He explores the positive impact of modular homes and his quest to save our environment.  wonderful video for those searching for futuristic and green homes, on a budget. 

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VIDEO: Courtesy of Undecided with Matt Ferrell




Exploring Modular Homes – Cheapest Path to Net Zero? Owning a home is an important life milestone for a lot of people, but the ever increasing cost of construction materials and affordable housing is a major roadblock. And on top of that, traditional construction methods and materials cause a surprising amount of gas emissions and waste. But there are some really cool trends around more sustainable building practices that may change that … if you can get past some preconceived notions that pop into your head when you hear, “modular homes.” Can modular homes keep the dream of home ownership alive, as well as make a positive impact on the environment?


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