Mark Scott: The Frankie Morello Gym Bag


A bodybuilder and his gym bag. A match made in heaven. Say hello…the fashion editorial we did for our 2018 DESIGNER OF THE YEAR winner:


In the story, Mark Scott our OFFICIAL spokesmodel; gets a call from his GF while he’s prepping to go to the gym. Yes, it’s good hygiene to take a shower after work, lotion up (then put it in the basket again or it get’s the hose again); then go to the gym. Muscle BROs don’t want to smell your funk. The phone rings!

It’s her…does she give love? Does she want to meet up after the workout for an “INTENSE CARDIO” session. What could it be? Oh…we forgot to add, she wants money! Mark quickly dispenses with her and tells her that she, “Needs to get a job and stop doing him like that!” He responds, “I’m not an ATM.” The B-Word was never said, because Mark Scott is a gentleman. END OF OUR FASHION STORY…(Or is it?)

The story of course is “stylista” fiction for fashion. This bag, which is still sold on the site and in the store (in the silver version); is the must have bag for a man who considers himself a man. The styling points, from the fabric to the use of the Frankie Morello logo, to the zipper that screams, “I’m a guy!” is totally made for lovers of Italian menswear and men who want GEAR for the gym that brings a macho style to their world. Why? Here’s our favorites:

1.  Italian-Made Leather: The finest from southern Italy! Black and solid. Definitely masculine and no pink!

2. Color: Black or Silver. The silver version is still masculine; yet it looks like classic 1970s sci-fi crew gear. Think, for those old enough to remember; Space 1999 or Battlestar Galactica (love those capes). Black is always masculine.

3. Packaging: Comes in a great bag to protect it. Branded too. Perfect for air travel!

4. Design: The thing collapses and takes on a very female robot shape and then reveals a hidden garment bag. Perfect for the Muscle-Bro that works in an office with DIVAS!

5. Zippers: You have to see them to believe them. They’re huge, like they’re made for men with big hands. Like they say in TX, “Big Hands = Big Heart.” We always thought it equaled something else. Maybe that’s shoe size.

We’ll see everyone on April 1st, 2019 for our second DAVID ISSUE. Check out our first one:

D is For David

**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Thanks to the Creative Team and the work of MARK SCOTT, our OFFICIAL spokesmodel. wants to also thank the design genius that’s Frankie Morello for making such a fantastic bag for men. Guys…this is the gym bag to own. You don’t have to come to Italy to get it. Can be ordered off the site. More to come on this. Ciao from MILANO and come back on Jan. 1st, 2019 to see who the 2019 Designer of the Year winner will be. For newly minted Frankie Morello fans in the USA, all of Frankie Morello’s great gear can be ordered off the site. When in Milano, go to the flagship; Frankie Morello store!

FASHION NOTE: The above hoodie is classic and rare street vendor fare and isn’t part of the FRANKIE MORELLO collection. Since Frankie Morello loves MILANO and we love the style of the city; we threw this in to end this fashion editorial. Ciao from both MILANO and NYC.





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