Man In An Orange Shirt: Love Story…


This is a real good one everyone. Regardless of your sexuality, this is a love tale of Forbidden Love between a Man and Man. Produced by PBS, it has a time travel element, via flashback. Of course, not with the mechanisms of a Time Machine. But regardless, we thought this was a good flick for Hetero Couples, Single Ladies (We Love U!), Gay/Bi Men (We Love U!), and even Str8 Men. You say:

“What’s in it for me? I’m STR8!”

MILANO411 says, the power of love, the understanding of humanity, and also the consideration of a BRO. You may have a so-called STR8 man friend that is struggling with trying to find his love and life within a complex scenario, that we call life. Be a friend, not a “jock stereotype.” Learn to understand. Ok…well that’s enough wisdom on this subject.

To our Gay/Bi male readers, hope you had a safe Gay Pride and we saw you fall off the float. Or, were you pushed? A mystery wrapped in an enigma. But why?

Because the guy standing next to you has a crush on your boyfriend! Oooh…..

The Sci-Fi behind being GAY…FASCINATING…



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