Madonna: Up Down Suite (Hardcore Afro-House Mix)


This is MADONNA at her best. A “rare gem” mix done in long format for those who like dance music. The beat is intense and adult. Innuendo is all over the place and some may consider the mix NSFW. We also think it’s a “grown folks,” dance mix. No one under 18 should be listening to it. It’s perfect for cardio, dancing, lifting weights, even a posing routine for a bodybuilding show; attended mostly by adults. The beats are sharp like a knife’s blade. Car cruising and shopping is a must with this one too. Ciao from


The Rain maxi-single was perhaps most notable for its inclusion of a non-album track, Up Down Suite, which was for all intents and purposes a dub remix of album outtake, Goodbye To Innocence (which remained unreleased at the time, aside from some vocal samples used in a promo-only remix of Fever).


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