Madonna & Kim K Reveal Their Secret Past #MDNAmeetsKKW – PART 1

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This video is one that our FEMALE readers will love and the men in their lives. Two icons teamed up this year and they showed the world their beauty collaboration. Also, sharing a rare story from Kim’s childhood. We’ll let you discover it. But just imagine, being a teenager, and your next door neighbor for six (6) months was a pop icon who had already released Like A Virgin and on the cusp of that second album. Kim Kardashian just gave the MILANO411 office another reason to be jealous of her life.

Well…try not to be jealous. Madonna and Kim Kardashian West sit down to talk about their shared past as neighbors, their new beauty lines, and how working moms get it all done. These legends met up with beauty blogger Kandee Johnson at the YouTube Space LA to dish and of course, take some epic selfies.
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