Maca Powder for Bodybuilding: Top 5 Benefits in 1 MINUTE


You need Maca! This isn’t BS. MILANO411 feels this plant combined with GEAR (What!) will build both serious strength or size. It really depends on your genetics. Jacked Plants presents a short, yet sweet video on why Maca should be in your med kit to go down to the planet…excuse us, the gym (palestra in Italiano). Ciao from Milano….

Need a more serious video. Check this out:

Fan Mail:

“Hello there! My name is Kit. Well, it’s really Christine. I live in Delaware. I live with my parents and my boyfriend. I wanted to send you a response to your very nice survey. I like MILANO411 a lot! It’s a cool place to learn about the style of Milan. I didn’t know much about Milan or her style until your site came along. I’ve been reading and reposting since you launched in 2015. I’ve exchanged e-mails with the MILANO411 staff and must say, you guys are very nice. But back to my praise. This site is fun. Love the rare Madonna you find! Really…I’m 23 but my Mom raised me on Madonna. So your clips are welcomed. My BF’s name is Dan, but we call him Danny. My boyfriend goes to the gym a lot. I’ve taken it to heart and now we both go as a couple. I have lost 15 pounds of fat and he’s gotten much bigger (see photos). But I wanted to say, I love this magazine. My favorite parts are Fashion and the 4LADIES section. He reads the Muscle section. So again, thanks for this and The David issue was very nice! Us: WF, 23 y/o college student, blonde hair, and need to loose a few. We love science fiction and Game of Thrones. Love your site. My BF is WM and he is 29. He works at a garage. I’m looking for a job. Thanks MILANO411.”

MACA WILL IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE IN THE GYM and BEDROOM…..The Worm will rise this Summer of Sci-Fi….




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