LUTHER VANDROSS & JANET JACKSON: The Best Things In Life Are Free [CJ UK 12″ w/o Rap RMX]


Prepare to get funky! This mix is hot and beyond the imagination. If you like to move and feel good, turn up the volume on this House Classic. From the wonderful MR. LUTHER VANDROSS and the lovely JANET JACKSON. Luther Vandross was taken from us too early, but his legacy lives forever. DJs, do us a favor. When you remix Luther Vandross, use his estate’s original pictures. He was a handsome dark skin Afro-American man that shouldn’t be replaced by photos of blonde models. Ok, we got off on our “soapbox.” Now time for you to jump on top of it and dance. Afro-Culture Month starts on Feb. 1st, and we’ll look at more House and Soul classics like these. Ciao…




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