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Love 2.0 Comes to an End?

March is or was upon us. We marched through the month with Love 2.0 and ended up on the other side better for it.

As the publisher of MILANO411, I’m very proud of our magazine and how it’s spotlighted both Italy and Milan, without forgetting about America and the other English-speaking countries. I’m proud of how it reinvented fashion. Taking a new spin on a fashion blog and not forgetting STR8 Hetero men in the mix. What good is a fashion mag for ladies, if there’s no men there. If you noticed, I left the word “REAL” out of the mix, when referring to men. Because we haven’t forgotten Gay/Bi men too and their interest in Milano style. They aren’t imaginary and should be respected and loved too. Their fabric of life is welcomed here, as well as others too. Milan is a city built in Italian proportions but loves diversity and experiencing the world.

Milan is a city where gospel choirs from the American south perform for Italians. Peruvian Indians perform in the streets. Albanian and Bengali homeless guys sell flowers and other Made-in-China trinkets to turistas. A city with all the ethnic restaurants that any major cosmopolitan place has too. A city where art and fashion do the nasty, and make a beautiful child. It’s a place that is the old Roman town of Mediolanum and it is the city of the future, crafted by the Expo of 2015 and all it’s futuristic glam. But it also is built upon a foundation of people and places that want to know the world. They aren’t closed minded groggy fat white folks (some Black too!) that complain all the time and push fear and hate; over love of diversity and the creation of beauty. We’re hoping that you have a choice in the months ahead. You can join our construction crew and build something where those themes and passions are realized. Where beauty if found and differences celebrated. Or, you can join Roseanne Arnold’s team of old groggy white people showing you the same shit that was done in the 1990’s. Fashion does rehash, but I’m personally sick of it in the other forms of media. So I encourage the young to be Builders of Light and create a virtual Milan in your life, town, or for your loved one. Milan, like Italy, and really like America is built on a foundation of the F-Doctrine. That is:


So join that construction crew and know MILANO411 is an equal opportunity employer. Race, class, economic origins/income, style level, sexuality, or even body type (with the exception of Muscle) are all welcome. So come build with us in 2018….This is the end of the first quarter and we have 3 more to go. Make them good ones…

We built this and I like to thank the staff, but mainly you the reader who has propelled us into Year 3! Thanks for the push or as they would say in our Muscle column, a “spot.”

March was an extension of Feb. and we plan to do Love 2.0 next year too! Valentine’s Day is too short. Feb., for the Milanesi, is nothing but one fashion show after the next. Walk tall, eyes straight, don’t smile…back straight. You know the feeling. Fashion, fashion, and fashion. But what is life worth if you don’t have someone to share it with. What are brand labels worth without love. We have the answer and will be sharing it with you in the months ahead. Thanks to our fans…we wish you a big hug and Ciao Tutti from Milano (Great City). And copy the life of both a model and a fashion designer. Models walk tall and strong. You should too, regardless of what life throws at you. Move on and work it! To be a fashion designer is simple. Innovate. Learn from the past and copy some, but invent something new. Color and shape is the way to go too and dare I say it. I will. All fashion designers DREAM. So we encourage you always to dream…


Next month is dedicated to something that will make those who love Muscle, very happy. We’ve surveyed our readers and we appreciate the feedback. Over 5000 fan e-mails from all over the world and some that really touched the staff in both of our offices (NYC & Milano). So stay tuned. Want to be surveyed. Either contact us on Facebook with real profile and e-mail or join our mailing list. Free giveaways are coming in the months ahead…

Theme/Dedication: Both Feb. and March were dedicated to the genius of Dolce and Gabbana. MILANO411 would like to thank D&G for their style, love, and cooperation. You can’t go wrong with their looks. There’s something for everybody with D&G.

Next Month’s Theme?

Come back on April 1st and April 7th….