Lorenzo Leeuwe: Dutch Monster Shoulders WO!


MILANO411.com has been fans of Lorenzo Leeuwe for a long time. He brings skill, symmetry, and size to the Muscle Game. He knows how to hustle in the gym and has a great style that should inspire Muscle BROs on both sides of the Atlantic. This video is courtesy of XXL Nutrition. Lorenzo is coming to Milan in November! We hope you come visit us in the Great City too.

– Seated Barbell Press 4 sets 1:32
– Seated Arnold Press 3 sets 2:37
– Side Laterall Raise 3 drop sets 3:56
– Bent-Over Laterall Raise 4 sets 6:07
– Reverse Peck Deck 3 sets 7:18
– Dumbbell Front Raise 3 sets 8:28
– Dumbbell Shrug 3 sets 9:49


PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Hope everyone is having a Great Summer! The Summer of Sci-Fi is in full swing and we thank everyone for their support.